GEORGIAN SILVER (1714 - 1830)

The Georgian period refers to the consecutive reigns of 4 King Georges; George I from 1714 until 1727. George I's son, George II from 1727 until 1760. George II's Grandson, George III from 1760 until 1820 and George III's son, George IV from 1820 until 1830.

This period, of over a hundred years, was long enough to see massive economic, social and political change. Likewise the silverware of the period varies massively in style and technique. In the George I period and the middle of George III's reign, we find some of the simplest silverware designs ever produced in English silver whilst in the George II, late George III and George IV periods we find some of the most ornate.

As such to say 'Georgian Silver' or 'Georgian Silverware' is not to indicate a style but simply a time period and the term should mostly be avoided.

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