We are pleased to offer a fine range of antique sterling silver Barware. All of our antique silver Barware can be purchased online, or from our shop in the London Silver Vaults. You can click on the image of one of the Barware to see a larger picture.


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L0586: Silver Plate Cocktail Shaker

Made Circa 1930

Made in London circa 1930 by Kingsway Plating, this stylish, large capacity, Silver Plate Cocktail Shaker has a loop handle and spout pourer. There is a central reservation which can be filled with water and chilled or frozen, thus preventing dilution of drinks. This cocktail shaker is 10"(25.5cm) to the top of the lid,7"(18cm) handle to spout, with a 5"(13cm) diameter around the top section.



b7814: Sterling Silver Decanter

Hallmarked In 1899

Hallmarked in Chester, 1899, this novelty, Victorian Antique, Sterling Silver Whisky Decanter, is shaped like a thistle. The decanter measures 10.5 inches (26.5cm) tall, by 4.5 inches (11.5cm) in diameter.



L2087p: Sterling Silver Pair Of Whisky Tots

Hallmarked In 1909

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1909 by J. C. Vickery, this handsome Pair of Antique, Sterling Silver Whisky Tots are plain in style, with star cut glass bases, silver mounts and lids, and whisky decanter labels. Each whisky tot measures 4"(10cm) tall, with a base diameter of 2.75"(7cm).


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b7118: Silver Plate Champagne Bucket & Stand

Made Circa 1930

Made circa 1930 by Mappin & Webb, this stylish Silver Plate Champagne Cooler & Stand is the height of Art Deco chic. The bucket is embellished with two simple bands and small angular handles. It stands on a three legged base with smooth curved shaping. The bucket is 9"(23cm) high, with a diameter of 8.5"(21cm). The overall height of the stand and bucket is 25"(64cm) and the foot diameter is 11"(28cm).


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b4059: Sterling Silver Decanters

Hallmarked In 1921

Hallmarked in London in 1921 by Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd., this Sterling Silver Mounted Decanter Is very unusual in form and beautifully engraved with lillies in the aesthetic style. The decanter is in perfect condition and is 12.75 inches (32.5cm) high with a diameter of 6 inches (15cm).


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j6611: Sterling Silver Ice Bucket

Hallmarked In 1909

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1909 by John Grinsell & Sons, this handsome, antique silver ice bucket, features a wooden body, ceramic lining, and silver bottom, top, lid, handle and vacant cartouche. The ice bucket measures 6 inches (15.5cm) tall, by 5.75 inches (14.5cm) in diameter.



b7882: Sterling Silver Decanters

Hallmarked In 1908

Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1908, this Antique, Edwardian, Sterling Silver Mounted Decanter is in the shape of a bell with beautiful pannelled glass engraved with the message "take a pull". This whimsical decanter is 10 inches (25.5cm) high and has a base which is 5 inches (12.5cm) in diameter. The hallmarks are legible if a little worn but the makers mark is unclear. It is a very pretty and desirable decanter.



b8220: Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker

Hallmarked In 1946

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1946 by J Bennett & Co., this covetable Art Deco Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker has the smooth clean lines and tapered shaping typical of the period. It has a pull off cap with detachable lid and strainer. This superb cocktail shaker measures 9"(23cm) high with a diameter of 4"(10cm) at its widest and weighs 13 troy ounces.


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b3714: Sterling Silver Cocktail Glasses

Hallmarked In 1955

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1955 by Gladwin Ltd., this gorgeous Set of Six Sterling Silver Art Deco Cocktail Glasses are geometric in form, featuring square stems and angular bowls with applied Art Deco fan decoration. Each cocktail glass measures 4.5"(12cm) high, with a diameter of 3.25"(8cm). The combined weight of the set is 16.8 troy ounces.



b7589: Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker

Hallmarked In 1936

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1936 by J. Gloster Ltd, this handsome, Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker, is plain in style, featuring a fleur de lys border, and inbuilt ice strainer. The cocktail shaker measures 8.5 inches (21.5cm) tall, by 3.25 inches (8cm) in diameter, and weighs 11.5 troy ounces (357g).


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b5386: Sterling Silver Decanter Frame

Hallmarked In 1904

Hallmarked in London, 1904 by J. B. Carrington, this very handsome, Antique, Sterling Silver Decanter frame, is plain in style, standing on four ball feet, and holding three modern glass decanters. The decanter frame measures 4.75 inches (12cm) tall, by 13 inches (33cm) wide, and weighs 31.7 troy ounces. (Each glass decanter measures 10 inches (25.5cm) tall).



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