I.Franks is pleased to offer a fine range of antique sterling silver Barware from the Georgian period. All of our antique, Georgian silver Barware can be purchased online, or from our shop in the London Silver Vaults and come with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteed by our membership of LAPADA. Please click on an image of any of the Georgian Barware to see a larger picture.


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b9912: Sterling Silver Mug

Hallmarked In 1737

Hallmarked in London in 1737 by Ayme Videau, this very handsome, George II Period, Antique Sterling Silver Mug, is of traditional baluster form, and features a C Scroll handle. The mug measures 3.5"(9cm) tall, by 4.25"(11cm) wide, by 2.75"(7cm) deep, and weighs 8.1 troy ounces. 


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L5466: Sterling Silver Tumbler Cup

Hallmarked In 1758

Hallmarked in London in 1758 by Thomas Cooke II & Richard Gurney, this handsome George II period, Antique Sterling Silver Tumbler Cup, is elegantly plain in design. The tumbler cup measures 2"(5cm) tall, by 2.5"(6.5cm) in diameter, and weighs 2.3 troy ounces.


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L5819: Sterling Silver Set Of 4 Beakers

Hallmarked In 1828

Hallmarked in London in 1828 by William Bateman II, this rare set of 4 George IV period, Antique Sterling Silver Beakers, are plain in design. Each beaker measures just over 3.5"(9cm) tall, by just over 3"(7.5cm) in diameter. The set of four weigh 23 troy ounces. 



L5161: Sterling Silver Pair Of Campagna Shaped Wine Coolers

Hallmarked In 1804

Hallmarked in London in 1804 by Joseph Preedy, this remarkable pair of Antique Sterling Silver Wine Coolers are richly decorated, featuring a sculptural Bacchanalian frieze depicting the thiasus (the procession which followed Bacchus) and amongst the figures both Bacchus and his drunken foster Father (and tutor) Silenus. The bases are fluted with the underside of the coolers decorated with chased vines and leaves, and the tops decorated with cast grape and vine swags. This incredible pair of coolers are one of a group of 4 known slightly varying designs made by either Joseph Preedy or William Pitts between 1800-1810 (Pitts & Preedy were Partners from 1791-1799), with each example produced featuring the same frieze but with differing borders. Each wine cooler measures 10.5"(27cm) tall, by 9.5"(24cm) in diameter. Together the pair weigh a very impressive 154 troy ounces.  The collars are not hallmarked, but are original.



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