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L0144: Sterling Silver Epergne

Hallmarked In 1899

Hallmarked in London, 1899 by William Hutton, this pretty Victorian Antique, Sterling Silver Epergne has a central trumpet vase and is surrounded by three petal shaped bowls standing on ball feet. There is fine bead detailing at the edges. This utterly charming epergne measures 11"(18cm) high with a diameter of 9"(23cm). The bowls stand 2.5"(6cm) high and this piece weighs 19.3 troy ounces.


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b9152: Sterling Silver Epergnes

Hallmarked In 1909

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1909 by James & Walter Deakin, this Antique, Sterling Silver Epergne or centrepiece is very large, Just the thing for a big dining room. The epergne is 24 inches (61cm) tall, has a spread of about 15 inches (38cm) and weighs 117 troy oz (3.65kg). Each part of the centrepiece is separately hallmarked and it is fine original condition.



L0468: Sterling Silver Centrepiece

Hallmarked In 1895

Hallmarked in Sheffield, 1895 by Martin Hall & Co. This attractive, Antique, Sterling Silver Centrepiece, features pierced decoration to the stand and dish, and shaped gadroon borders. The centrepiece measures 10.5 inches (26.5cm) tall, by 16 inches (41cm) wide, and weighs 78.9 troy ounces (2454g).



j7578: Sterling Silver Centrepiece

Hallmarked In 1850

Hallmarked in London, 1850 by Savoury Brothers, this is a splendid Antique Victorian, Sterling Silver Centrepiece. The triangular base stands on three applied feet with floral decoration. There is a crest on one of the base panels. The three candle branches take on an organic form with flower and leaf design. The central cut glass bowl has fan shaped cutting forming a jagged edge. The bowl has diameter of 10"(25.5cm) and a depth of 4"(10cm). The centrepiece itself is 15"(38.5cm) tall and 15"(38.5cm) across. The base is 8"(20cm) in diameter. The silver weight of the piece is 60.46 troy ounces.



b7187: Sterling Silver Centrepiece Jardiniere & Plateau

Made Circa 1830

Made in Paris circa 1830 by Odiot, this is a spectacular 1st quality French Antique, Sterling Silver Centrepiece Jardiniere & Plateau. The boat shaped bowl is beautifully detailed with fluting, floral garland swags and applied bows, standing on a round pedestal base with lion's paw feet. There is leaf wreath decoration around the foot of the bowl, which follows through around the plateau. The bowl has a gilt metal liner. The jardiniere measures 23" (58cm) handle to handle, with a height of 15" (38cm) and a width of 13" (33cm). The mirror plateau is 16" (42cm) in diameter and 3" (7.5cm) high.



b6873: Sterling Silver Epergne

Hallmarked In 1902

Hallmarked in London, 1902 by C S Harris, this impressive 9 basket Edwardian Antique, Sterling Silver Epergne is truly stand out. This centrepiece has delicate pierce work throughout and is decorated with swags and beading, with some Grecian detailing as well. This epergne has four round lower baskets, four oval upper baskets and a large top oval basket and stands on four applied cast feet. It stands 15"(38cm) high and 22"(56cm) across with a depth of 17"(43cm). The round baskets are 5"(12.5cm) in diameter and small oval baskets are 7"(18cm) by 4"(10cm). The central basket is 13"(33cm) by 8"(20cm). All together this magnificent centrepiece weighs 119.4 troy ounces.



L0541: Sterling Silver Bowls & Plateau

Hallmarked In 1892

Hallmarked in London in 1892 by Elkington & Co., this heavy and impressive Antique, Victorian, Sterling Silver Set of Three Bowls sits on its original Mirror Plateau base. The bowls and plateau feature borders modelled as a classical Roman frieze. The mirror plateau is shaped to fit the bowls and stands on lion’s paw feet. It measures 29"(74cm) wide and 16”(40cm) deep. The bowls feature half fluting with gilt interiors and stand on pedestal bases. The central bowl is oval and measures 12.5"(32cm) wide, 11"(28cm) deep and 5”(13cm) tall. The two side bowls are round and measure 6"(15cm) in diameter and 3.5"(9cm) tall. The three bowls, together, have a weight of 95.2 troy ounces.



L1535: Sterling Silver Centrepiece

Hallmarked In 1868

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1868 by Elkington & Co., this magnificent centrepiece was presented to Captain George Tryon (later Admiral) in recognition of his important role in the Abyssinia Expedition to free missionaries and representatives of the British Government, who had been imprisoned by Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia. Tryon acted as the transport officer to Annesley Bay for troops and supplies heading to Abyssinia with General Robert Napier’s expedition. He was given the Companionship of the Bath by her Majesty Queen Victoria as a reward for his services, and presented with this monumental centrepiece decorated with scenes depicting his activities in the campaign. The centrepiece stands on a mirror plateau which in turn stands on a wooden base with silver plaques and anchors. The overall height is 31.5” (80cm). The base diameter is 23”(59cm).



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