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The following items were produced by the silversmith John And William Deakin. If you are particularly interested in collecting sterling silver or silverplated pieces by John And William Deakin but you can't find a suitable item in the list below, just contact us and we'll check to see whether we have some items in store which aren't already on our website.


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b9276: Sterling Silver Bowl

Hallmarked In 1900

Hallmarked in Chester, 1900 by James & Walter Deaken, this pretty Antique Victorian, Sterling Silver Bowl stands on a pedestal base and features floral chasing throughout. This bowl has a lovely scalloped rim. The bowl measures 3.5"(9cm) high and has a diameter of 5"(12.5cm). It weighs 6.2 troy ounces.



b9308: Sterling Silver Tea Caddy

Hallmarked In 1901

Hallmarked in London, 1901 by J&W Deakin, this lovely Antique Edwardian, Sterling Silver Tea Caddy is oval in shape with a half fluted design on the body and hinged lid. The tea caddy has a wooden finial and two cast lion and ring handles. This tea caddy measures 3.5"(9cm) high, 5"(12.5cm) wide and 3.5"(9cm) deep with a weight of 5.9 troy ounces.


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b8875: Sterling Silver Scent Bottle

Hallmarked In 1907

Hallmarked in Chester, 1907 by J & W Deakin, this feminine Edwardian Antique, Sterling Silver Scent Bottle has a beautiful cut glass body and lovely floral engraving on the silver mount. The scent bottle has a cut glass stopper under the hinged lid. The bottle stands 5.5"(14cm) high with a diameter of 5"!2.5cm).



b8333: Sterling Silver Clock

Hallmarked In 1903

Hallmarked in Chester, 1903 by James Deakin & Sons, this handsome Edwardian Antique, Sterling Silver Clock is, in fact, a Goliath pocket watch in a silver and velvet case with an easel back. The clock face is enamel and the timepiece has an independent second hand. This clock has been cleaned and serviced. The casing measures 6"(15cm) high and 5"( across, while the face of the clock itself has a diameter of 2.5"(6.5cm).



L3272: Sterling Silver Pierced Dish

Hallmarked In 1923

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1923 by John & William Deakin, this attractive, George V, Sterling Silver Pierced Dish, features cast and applied scroll and acanthus leaf borders, and pierced scroll decoration. The dish measures 4"(10cm) tall, by 8"(20cm) wide, by 6.5"(17cm) deep, and weighs 15.2 troy ounces.



b2569: Sterling Silver Sugar Caster

Hallmarked In 1897

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1897 by J. & W. Deakin, this huge Antique, Victorian, Sterling Silver Sugar Caster features chased decoration to the body and a pierced removable top. It measures 28cm (11 inches) in height and weighs 15 ozs troy.



j9998: Sterling Silver Cruet Set

Hallmarked In 1899

Hallmarked in London in 1899 by James and Walter Deaken, this enormous cruet set has an electroplated frame and Sterling Silver mounts on all of the bottles. The cruet set measures 13" (33cm) by 9" (23cm) and is 11.5" (29cm) high. All of the glass bottles are original and in fine condition.


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L0855: Sterling Silver Dessert & Fish Set

Hallmarked In 1910

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1910 by John & William Deakin, this pretty, Antique, Edwardian, Sterling Silver Dessert & Fish Set has twelve place settings of each and serving pieces. The dessert set has mother of pearl handles, while the fish set has bone handles. There is floral and scroll engraving on the knife blades and pinprick engraving on the tine bases. The dessert forks are 6"(15cm) long and the knives are 7"(18cm) long. The fish forks are 7"(18cm) long and the knives are 8.25"(21cm) long. The fish serving knife is 11.75"(30cm) and the serving fork is 9.25"923.5cm). The whole set is presented in a blue velvet lined, fold down box. There is a presentation inscription on the cartouche to Mr J. Morris, on his retirement from the position of Superintendent of the Line on the Great Western Railway in 1910.



b9289: Sterling Silver Tray

Hallmarked In 1931

Hallmarked in London, 1931 by James Deakin & Sons, this sleek Sterling Silver Tray is plain in style and a perfect example of art deco design. The tray is in excellent condition and features an octagonal shape with simple reed borders and handles. This tray measures 21"(53.5cm) handle to handle and is 14"(36cm) wide. The interior surface of this tray is 11"(28cm) by 15.5"(38cm). The weight is 66.46 troy ounces.



L1943: Sterling Silver Scroll Holder

Hallmarked In 1903

Hallmarked in Chester in 1903 by John & William Deakin, this rare Antique, EdwardianSterling Silver Scroll Holder, is cylindrical in form and stands on four feet. It features ribbon and reed borders, floral and scroll engraving, a gilt interior and a lock. If you don’t have any scrolls to store, it would make an excellent Bath Oliver Biscuit Box! The school holder measures 14"(36cm) wide, by 4"(10cm) in diameter, the box is surprisingly heavy, at 54.5 troy ounces.


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b9152: Sterling Silver Epergnes

Hallmarked In 1909

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1909 by James & Walter Deakin, this Antique, Sterling Silver Epergne or centrepiece is very large, Just the thing for a big dining room. The epergne is 24 inches (61cm) tall, has a spread of about 15 inches (38cm) and weighs 117 troy oz (3.65kg). Each part of the centrepiece is separately hallmarked and it is fine original condition.



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