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The following items were produced by the silversmith Stuart Devlin. If you are particularly interested in collecting sterling silver or silverplated pieces by Stuart Devlin but you can't find a suitable item in the list below, just contact us and we'll check to see whether we have some items in store which aren't already on our website.


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b4822: Sterling Silver Goblet

Hallmarked In 1983

Hallmarked in London, 1983 by Stuart Devlin, this handsome, Sterling Silver Goblet, features parcel gilt Prince of Wales feathers to the stem. The goblet is engraved 1958-1983 under the feathers, and was made to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Prince Charles becoming the Prince of Wales. He was named Prince of Wales in 1958 when he was 9 years old. The goblet measures 8.5 inches (22cm) tall, and weighs 7 troy ounces.


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L2089: Sterling Silver Tray

Hallmarked In 1979

Hallmarked in London in 1979 by Stuart Devlin, this very stylish Elizabeth II Sterling Silver tray, has a hammered surface and a flame pierced gilt filigree rim, created using a process Devlin developed around 1972 and which was unique to his workshop. The salver measures 12"(30cm) in diameter and weighs 21.2 troy ounces.


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L2088: Sterling Silver Water Jug

Hallmarked In 1979

Hallmarked in London in 1979 by Stuart Devlin, this fabulous Elizabeth II, Sterling Silver Water Jug, is a classic Devlin design seen on page 42 of the Stuart Devlin book. The water jug (originally titled a Martini Beaker), features a band of welded filigree decoration around the centre, and an otherwise plain cylindrical shape. The water jug measures 7.5"(19cm) tall, by 3.5"(9cm) from side to spout and weighs 16.1 troy ounces.


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L1783: Sterling Silver Set Of 8 Beakers

Hallmarked In 1972

Hallmarked in London, 1972 by Stuart Devlin, this outstanding, Elizabeth II, Set of 8 Sterling Silver Beakers are typical of his work, with plain bodies and gilt bark effect bases. Each beaker measures 4.5"(11.5cm) tall, with a diameter of 2.75"(7cm). The set has a total weight of 64.8 troy ounces.



L2379: Sterling Silver Set Of 12 Champagne Flutes

Hallmarked In 1977

Hallmarked in London in 1977-1980 by Stuart Devlin, this extraordinary set of 12, Elizabeth II, Parcel Gilt Sterling Silver Champagne Flutes are elegant in design, with gilt bark effect stems in the typical Devlin style. Each champagne flute measures 9"(23cm) tall and 2.75"(7cm) in diameter. The set of twelve have a weight of 80 troy ounces.



L1781: Sterling Silver Musical Box

Hallmarked In 1976

Hallmarked in London, 1976 by Stuart Devlin, this very rare Sterling Silver Musical Box is rectangular in form and is fitted with a Swiss Santa Croix Reuge cylinder movement, playing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1 on a single comb. The music box has a textured gilt lid, an applied band of male and female figures over a textured border and a rosewood interior. The music box measures 7.5"(19cm) wide, by 4"(9.5cm) deep, by 2"(5cm) tall.



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