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b9898: Sterling Silver Jam Pot

Hallmarked In 1907

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1907 by Elkington & Co., this charming Antique Edwardian, Sterling Silver Jam Pot is slightly bellied at the base and has a cut starburst pattern on the bottom. It has a detachable lid and pretty pierced handles. This jam pot stands 3"(7.5cm) high and has a base diameter of 3"(7.5cm).


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L1560: Sterling Silver Jam Pot

Hallmarked In 1914

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1914 by Hukin & Heath, this pleasing George V, Antique Sterling Silver Jam Pot features bevelled glass and etched reed bands. It has a swing handle opening mechanism. The pot is 3"(7.5cm) high and 2.5"(7cm) in diameter. It is 5.5"(12.5cm) with the handle up.


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