We are pleased to offer a fine range of antique sterling silver Jam Pots. All of our antique silver Jam Pots can be purchased online, or from our shop in the London Silver Vaults. You can click on the image of one of the Jam Pots to see a larger picture.


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b9898: Sterling Silver Jam Pot

Hallmarked In 1907

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1907 by Elkington & Co., this charming Antique Edwardian, Sterling Silver Jam Pot is slightly bellied at the base and has a cut starburst pattern on the bottom. It has a detachable lid and pretty pierced handles. This jam pot stands 3"(7.5cm) high and has a base diameter of 3"(7.5cm).



L1560: Sterling Silver Jam Pot

Hallmarked In 1914

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1914 by Hukin & Heath, this pleasing George V, Antique Sterling Silver Jam Pot features bevelled glass and etched reed bands. It has a swing handle opening mechanism. The pot is 3"(7.5cm) high and 2.5"(7cm) in diameter. It is 5.5"(12.5cm) with the handle up.



L0059: Sterling Silver Jam Pot

Hallmarked In 1911

Hallmarked in London, 1911 by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co., this modest, yet desirable, Antique, Sterling Silver Jam Pot is plain in style with an etched starburst bottom, a plain swing handled lid and comes with a jam spoon. The jam/marmalade pot stands3.5"(9cm) to the pot top and 6"(15cm) to the top of the handle. The pot has a diameter of 3.25"(8.5cm) and the spoon is 5.5"(13.5cm) long.


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b9573: Sterling Silver Jam Pots

Hallmarked In 1975

Hallmarked in London, 1975 by Mappin & Webb, this is a delightful pair of Sterling Silver Jam Pots. These useful jam/marmalade pots have plain glass sides and starburst cut glass on the bases. The swing handle has mechanism which opens the lids when pushed. The jam pots measure 3.5"(9cm) high or 6.5"(16cm) with the handles up. The diameter of these marmalade pots is 3"(7.5cm).


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