I.Franks is pleased to offer a fine range of antique sterling silver Animals from the Victorian period. All of our antique, Victorian silver Animals can be purchased online, or from our shop in the London Silver Vaults and come with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteed by our membership of LAPADA. Please click on an image of any of the Victorian Animals to see a larger picture.


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J8913: Sterling Silver Cow

Hallmarked In 1891

Bearing import marks for London, 1891, this charming and highly collectible Victorian, Antique, Sterling Silver Cow has a hinged lid head and can be used as a box. It stands 2"(5cm) high, 3.5"(9cm) nose to tail and weighs 1.8 troy ounces.



b9215: Foreign Silver Duck

Made Circa 1890

Made circa 1890 in Germany of 0.835 standard silver this handsome Antique, duck is realistically cast. This duck has a removable head typical of early continental animal models. The lovely duck stands 7"(17.5cm) high and is 9"(23cm) bill to tail, the body is 3" (7.5cm) wide. This duck model weighs 15.1 troy ounces.


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b9946: Sterling Silver Bird Scent Bottles

Hallmarked In 1901

Hallmarked in London, 1901 by William Hornby, this quirky pair of Edwardian Antique, Sterling Silver Scent Bottles are modelled on baby birds. The scent bottles have heavy glass which has been cut geometrically on the back with smooth wing details. The heads of these chicks are hinged with gilt interiors and they have glass stoppers. The scent bottles are 4.5"(11.5cm) high and have a measurement of 3"(7.5cm) across the body.



L0641: Sterling Silver Cow & Calf

Hallmarked In 1897

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1897 by Henry Atkin, this Antique, Victorian, Sterling Silver model of an Indian Cow and Calf is quite wonderfully made and very heavy. The Cow and Calf model have removable backs so both can be used as boxes and this unique item bear artist signatures on the base. The cow is 6.5 inches (17cm) tall, 5.5 inches (14cm) long and weighs 45 troy oz (1.4kg).



L2052: Sterling Silver Pig

Hallmarked In 1898

Carrying import marks for Chester, 1898 by Berthold Muller, this very rare, Victorian, Antique, Sterling Silver Pig, is wonderfully modelled in a seated pose, and features naturalistic texturing to the body, and a removable head. The pig measures 3.25 inches (8.5cm) tall, by 5.5 inches (14cm) from tail to snout, and weighs 6.8 troy ounces (212g).


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L1636: Sterling Silver Foxhound

Hallmarked In 1898

Hallmarked in London in 1898 by Charles Edwards, this rare and handsome Antique, Victorian, Sterling Silver Foxhound is realistically cast and full of character, standing on a naturalistic base. The model measures 6"(15cm) nose to tail and 8"(20cm) tall. It weighs 26.5 troy ounces.


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j7544: Sterling Silver Hawk

Hallmarked In 1894

Carrying import marks for London, 1894 by Fredrick Brasted, this very handsome, antique silver model of a hawk (or other bird of prey), is realistically modelled, and features movable wings and removable head. The hawk measures 7.5 inches (19cm) tall, by 13 inches (33cm) from beak to tail, and weighs 21 troy ounces.


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L1476: Foreign Silver Pair Of Pheasants

Made Circa 1900

Made circa 1900, this handsome Pair of Antique, German Silver Pheasants, have very realistic feather detailing and hinged wings. The male measures 20"(51cm) head to tail, by 6.5”(17cm) tall. The female measures 20"(51cm) head to tail, by 5.5"(14cm) tall. Together the pair weigh 35.5 troy ounces.



b5195: Sterling Silver Horse

Hallmarked In 1901

Hallmarked in London in 1901 by Henry Lewis, this Antique, Sterling Silver Model of a horse has a cropped tail like a polo pony. The horse is very realistically modelled and stands on a textured base. The horse model is 10.5 inches (26.5cm) tall and long. The plinth base is weighted for stability but the overall weight of the model, which mostly is the cast horse, is 55 troy oz (1.7kg).



L0289: Sterling Silver Stag And Doe

Hallmarked In 1901

This splendid pair of Antique, Sterling Silver Deer comprises of a stag and a doe, both realistically modelled. The Stag is import marked for London 1901 by Benjamin Phillips and the Doe is import marked for London 1929 by Neresheimer. The majestic stag has a detachable head, as is often found in these models. The stag is 9.25"(24cm) to the highest point of the antlers, 10"(26cm) in length and weighs 23.6 troy ounces. The doe measures 10"(15cm) nose to tail, 7.5"(8.5cm) to the top of the ears and weighs 17.6 troy ounces.


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L1691: Sterling Silver Pair Of Pheasants

Made Circa 1900

Made in America, circa 1900 by Marshall Field & Co., this fine Pair of Victorian, Antique, Sterling Silver Pheasants have been realistically cast. The male measures 15"(38cm) head to tail, by 12”(30cm) tall. The female measures 17"(43cm) head to tail, by 10"(26cm) across the wings, by 7.5”(19cm) tall, and the pair together weigh 62.3 troy ounces.



b8580: Sterling Silver Falcon

Hallmarked In 1895

Bearing import marks for London, 1895 by John George Smith, this glorious Antique, VictorianSterling Silver Falcon is beautifully modelled, standing on a branch with falconeering bells on its legs. The branch rises from a base modelled as a tree stump with a small lizard and turtle in the foliage. The complete piece stands 15"(40cm) tall and weighs 64 troy ounces.


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