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The following items were produced by the silversmith Asprey And Co Ltd. If you are particularly interested in collecting sterling silver or silverplated pieces by Asprey And Co Ltd but you can't find a suitable item in the list below, just contact us and we'll check to see whether we have some items in store which aren't already on our website.


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L4133: Sterling Silver Novelty 'Sword' Letter Opener

Hallmarked In 1936

Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1936 by Asprey & Co. Ltd., this stylish, Sterling Silver Letter Opener, is modelled to look like a sword. The letter opener measures 10"(25.5cm) in length, by 3"(7.5cm) across the guard, and weighs 2.85 troy ounces.


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b5711: Sterling Silver Carriage Clock

Hallmarked In 1911

Hallmarked in London in 1911 by Asprey & Co. Ltd., this charming, George V, Antique Sterling Silver Carriage Clock, is very stylish, featuring ribbon and reed borders, and standing on four bun feet. The clock measures 3"(7.5cm) tall. The movement is French and has been fully serviced.



L0170: Sterling Silver Set Of Six Art Deco Mugs

Hallmarked In 1936

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1936 by Asprey & Co Ltd., this wonderful set of six, Art Deco, Sterling Silver Mugs, feature tapered bodies on wide spreading bases, with simple loop handles, and would make excellent Mint Julep Cups. Each mug measures 6"(15cm) tall, by 4.25 inches (11cm) from handle to side, by 3.75"(9.5cm) in diameter and the set together weighs 61 troy ounces (1.9kg).



L4156: Sterling Silver Coffee Set & Tray

Hallmarked In 1971

Hallmarked in London in 1971, 1976 & 1977 by Asprey & Co. Ltd., this striking, Mid Century Modern, Sterling Silver Coffee Set & Tray, features a bark effect finish and is most likely a design by Gerald Benney. The tray measures 21"(53.5cm) wide, by 11.5"(31.5cm) deep, the coffee pot measures 9.5"(24cm) tall, by 8.5"(21.5cm) from handle to spout, and the sugar and cream are in proportion. The set together weighs 114.6 troy ounces.



L1209: Gold Cigar Box

Made Circa 1928

Hallmarked in London in 1928 by Asprey & Co. Ltd., this rare, 9ct Gold Cigar Box, has wonderful condition engine turned decoration to the outside, a cedar lined interior and is presented in its original Asprey box. There is an inscription on the inside lid dedicated to Janine Crispin, perhaps the French movie star of the period who in September 26th 1935, (the date of the inscription), had just completed a film based on a novel by Charles Robert-Dumas. Charles is one of the three signatures to the inscription. The cigar box measures 7"(18cm) wide by 3.5"(9cm) deep by 2.5"(6cm) tall and weighs 425.6 grams without the wooden lining.



L0840: Sterling Silver Cigar Box With RAF Interest

Hallmarked In 1936

Hallmarked in London in 1936 by Asprey & Co. Ltd., this unique, Art Deco, Sterling Silver Cigar Box, is striking in design, with inlaid gold to the lid and sides, light blue and red enamelled detailing, and the handle is modelled as a nine cylinder radial plane engine with a single propeller. The interior is lined in cedar wood. The cigar box measures 3"(7.5cm) tall, by 9.5"(24cm) wide, by 6"(15.5cm) deep. The date of manufacture, and the choice of colours used in the decoration, suggests a connection to the one of the specialist RAF Command units that were set up during that year. The use of a single propeller engine on the box handle would suggest a connection to Fighter Command, which found fame during the Second World War and the Battle Of Britain.


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