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B9894: Sterling Silver Egg Cruet

Hallmarked In 1857

Hallmarked in Sheffield, 1857 by Henry Wilkinson & Co., this eye-catching Victorian Antique, Sterling Silver Egg Cruet consists of four egg cups secured by pins on the frame. They have been gilded inside and decorated in a pierced cross pattern with undulating edges. This decoration carries through to the frame. Each egg cup is 3.5"(9cm) high with a diameter of 2"(5cm). The footed frame has a diameter of 6"(15cm) and a height of 8.75"(22cm). The total weight is 19.7 troy ounces.


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L1983: Sterling Silver Egg Cruet

Hallmarked In 1845

Hallmarked in London in 1845 by Joseph Angell & Son, this elegant Antique, Victorian, Sterling Silver Egg Cruet is in the Gothic Revival Style. The six gilt egg cups stand on an hexagonal star point frame with floral engraving throughout. The frame, with decorative scroll feet and a heart shaped handle, has a diameter of 8"(20cm) with a height of 10"(26cm). Each cup is 3.5"(9cm) tall, with a diameter of 1.75"(4.5cm). The egg cruet set weighs 23.5 troy ounces total.



L1704: Sterling Silver Egg Cruet

Hallmarked In 1816

Hallmarked in London, 1816 by Emes & Barnard, with spoons hallmarked in London, 1817 by Ely & Fern, this handsome Antique, Regency, Sterling Silver Egg Cruet comprises of four gilt interior egg cups and spoons, housed in a shaped, gadroon border frame. The handle and spoons display an original crest and motto. Both handle and feet feature acanthus leaf decoration. Each egg cup is 3"(7.5cm) tall and 2"(5cm) in diameter. The spoons are 4.5"(11cm) long. The set weighs 20.1 troy ounces.


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