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b6257: Sterling Silver Communion Set

Hallmarked In 1940

Hallmarked in Sheffield, 1940 by Walker & Hall, this lovely Sterling Silver Communion Set consists of a cork topped flagon, a chalice, a paten and an alter cloth. There is a band of latin script around the chalice and flagon. All pieces have been engraved with 'IHS'. The chalice has a decorative knop and a daisy shaped foot. It stands 3.5"(9cm) high, with a diameter of 2.25"(6cm). The paten is 3.5"(9cm) in diameter. The flagon is 6"(15cm) to the finial top with a diameter of 2"(5cm). The total silver weight is 9.6 troy ounces. This set comes in its original leather and velvet box.



b8021: Sterling Silver Communion Set

Hallmarked In 1852

Hallmarked in London, 1852 by John Keith & Rawlings & Summers, this Victorian Antique, 5 piece Sterling Silver Communion Set comes in its original fitted box. This communion set consists of a flagon with a screw top, finger shaped grip handle and 'IHS' engraving. It stands 6"(15cm) high. The chalice stands on a daisy base with a decorative knop, 'IHS' engraving and a gilt inside and measures 5"(12.5cm) The anointing spoon has a knotted braid handle and clover shaped bowl with a length of 5"(12.5cm)The paten has a pedestal base and 'IHS' engraving and has a 3"(7.5cm) diameter. The communion set also comes with rectangular box with pretty floral engraving and has a measurement of 3"(7.5cm) by .8" (2cm) by .8(2cm). The total weight of silver in this communion set is 11.2 troy ounces.


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