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Sterling Silver Flatware & Cutlery Sets
- Canteens of Cutlery -

Until the mid 1700s it was the custom to carry your own knife, fork and spoon set with you when dining out but in the late 18th century fashionable hosts started to lay their tables with a matching set of flatware, ready for their guests to use. In fact, the table fork, table knife and table spoon take their names from this novel practice. But keeping a complete set of cutlery posed a new problem - where to store it? And the answer came in the form of the wooden Canteen box. These were custom made with each piece of the Silverware Set having its own individual slot in the box. Storing the cutlery this way protected the pieces, made it clear when a piece was missing and allowed the set to be carried between residencies. Today, Canteens of Cutlery are cherished for their character and charm. There is simply no more elegant way to store your silverware.

d7781: Sterling Silver Fiddle Flatware / Cutlery Set for 12

Single Maker, Mixed Years

A boxed single maker, mixed years set of antique, Victorian, sterling silver, Fiddle pattern flatware made circa 1850 in London by George Adams. There is no space for knives in the box. If ordered, they will be provided in tarn proof cutlery storage rolls.


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