Sterling Silver Flatware & Cutlery Sets
- Queens Pattern -

Introduced in the early nineteenth century, Queens has been the go to style for those seeking statement flatware for over 200 years. Comprising of shell, foliate scroll and flower decoration beautifully composed in a form that exudes luxury and quality, Queens is one of the most popular ever patterns of British flatware.

L1113: Sterling Silver Queens Flatware / Cutlery Set for 12

Single Maker, Single Year

A boxed, Single Maker, Single Year set of Antique, Sterling Silver Queens Rosette Pattern Flatware, made in London in 1906 by Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater. Please note this is a variant of Queens with a beautiful Rosette back. There is no space for knives in the box. If ordered, they will be provided in tarn proof cutlery storage rolls.



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