Sterling Silver Flatware & Cutlery Sets
- Bead Pattern -

Bead Pattern is the most popular variant of Old English Pattern. It takes the elegant form of Old English and adds a beaded trim around the stem. First popular in the 1780s with a renaissance in the 1860s, Bead is one of those patterns which looks equally at home in a traditional or contemporary setting. Beaded decoration is frequently seen on silver and other antiques. As such, bead is a pattern which can easily be matched with candlesticks, sauce boats, serving dishes and more.

b2038: Sterling Silver Bead Flatware / Cutlery Set for 12

Single Maker, Single Year

A boxed, Single Maker, Singe Year set of Antique, Sterling Silver Bead Pattern Flatware, hallmarked in London in 1862 by George Adams. The serving pieces all by George Adams in different years. There is no space for knives in the box. If ordered, they will be provided in tarn proof cutlery storage rolls.


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