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L2906: Silver Plate Wall Charger

Hallmarked In 1876

Made in Birmingham in 1876 by Elkington & Co. and designed by Lionard Morel-Ladeiul (1820-1888), this Victorian electroplated and damascened plaque is titled 'A Pompeian Lady at her Toilet’. The wall charger is of circular form depicting a lady reclining on a couch attended by three handmaidens with a garden beyond all within elaborately decorated and gilt heightened borders. The charger is signed and dated Morel-Ladeuil inv.e.fecit 1876 to the front, with the reverse marked with a registration lozenge and a further Elkington mark, and inscribed 'REGISTRIRT IN DEN OESTERREICHISCHEN KAISERSTATEN, ZAHL 10 297, REGISTRIRT IM DEUTSCHEN REICH NO.27, BD.I.BL 114, and DEPOSE EN FRANCE DESIGN COPYRIGHTED IN THE UNITED STATES NOV IX, 76. This impressive shield measures 20"(51cm) in diameter. Versions of this plaque also form part of the collections of The National Museum of Scotland, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh and The New Orleans Museum of Art.



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