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The following items were produced by the silversmith Walter Latham And Son. If you are particularly interested in collecting sterling silver or silverplated pieces by Walter Latham And Son but you can't find a suitable item in the list below, just contact us and we'll check to see whether we have some items in store which aren't already on our website.


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j1985: Sterling Silver Set Of Four Candlesticks

Hallmarked In 1901

Hallmarked in Sheffield, 1901 by Walter Latham & Son. This striking, late Victorian, antique Sterling Silver set of four candlesticks, stand on square bases, and features swags and rosette decoration, bead borders and removable sconces. Each candlestick measures 4.25 inches (11cm) tall, by 3.25 inches (8cm) wide, by 3.25 inches (8cm) deep.


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b7335: Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Hallmarked In 1911

Hallmarked in Sheffield, 1911 by Walter Latham & Son, these George V, Antique, Sterling Silver Candlesticks with simple elegance, are very plain in style with an octagonal column and a square base, simply decorated with beaded borders and a removable beaded sconce. The base of each candlestick is 5"(12.5cm) wide with a height of 10"(25.5cm). These candlesticks have been filled for balance.


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j4029: Sterling Silver Pair Of Candlesticks

Hallmarked In 1899

Hallmarked in Sheffield, 1899 by William Latham & Sons, this very handsome, late Victorian, pair of antique silver candlesticks, stand on square bases with bead borders, and feature corinthian stems and capitals, and removable bead bordered sconces. Each candlestick measures 15 inches (38cm) tall, by 6 inches (15cm) wide and deep. The candlesticks are filled at the base for balance.



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