The following items were produced by the silversmith Martin And Hall. If you are particularly interested in collecting sterling silver or silverplated pieces by Martin And Hall but you can't find a suitable item in the list below, just contact us and we'll check to see whether we have some items in store which aren't already on our website.


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L0428: Sterling Silver Bowl

Hallmarked In 1873

Hallmarked in Sheffield, 1873 by Martin & Hall, this pleasing Victorian Antique, Sterling Silver Bowl stands on a pedestal base with a gilt interior and beaded rim. The bowl has pretty draped floral engraving throughout. It measures 2.5"(6.5cm) high, with a diameter of 4.5"(11cm) and a weight of 4.9 troy ounces.


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b8918: Sterling Silver Vase

Hallmarked In 1905

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1905 by Martin & Hall, this delightful Edwardian Antique, Sterling Silver Vase has pierced clovers throughout the tapered body and stands on a plain round base. The vase has a clear glass liner. It stands 9"(22cm) high, with a diameter of 3.5"(9cm) at the top. The base has been weighted for stability.



b9657: Sterling Silver Claret Jug

Hallmarked In 1881

Hallmarked in Sheffield, 1881 by Martin & Hall, this fetching Antique Victorian, Sterling Silver Claret Jug has lovely geometric cut glass. The tapered body stands on a pedestal base. This claret jug has floral engraving on the silver mount and is topped with a leaf and branch finial. The handle is also partially engraved. The claret jug is 11"(28cm) tall and approx. 5"(12.5cm) in diameter.



L1409: Sterling Silver Cruet Set

Hallmarked In 1883

Hallmarked in Sheffield, 1883 by Martin & Hall, this magnificent Antique, Sterling Silver Cruet Set has a sturdy bead edged frame and stands on claw feet. On one side it has a blank cartouche and on the other the mask of a lady in profile. The bottles all have rib cut glass and silver mounts. The four small bottles have prism cut glass stoppers and stand 6"(15cm) to the stopper top. One of the small bottles has a spoon for mustard. The two pouring bottles have floral motif thumb pieces and floral chase work around the necks and stand 8"(20cm) high. The two shaker bottles have decorative pierce work and silver finials and stand 8"(20cm) high. The frame has a diameter of 8"(20cm) and a height of 11"(28cm) to the handle top.



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