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The following items were produced by the silversmith Joseph Angell. If you are particularly interested in collecting sterling silver or silverplated pieces by Joseph Angell but you can't find a suitable item in the list below, just contact us and we'll check to see whether we have some items in store which aren't already on our website.


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b9181: Sterling Silver 'Tulip' Shaped Goblet

Hallmarked In 1825

Hallmarked in London in 1825 by Joseph Angell, this unusual, George IV, Antique Sterling Silver Goblet, has a gilt interior, and a 'tulip' shaped body and foot. The goblet measures 6.5"(16cm) tall, by 3.5"(9cm) in diameter and weighs 7.31 troy ounces.


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b2272: Sterling Silver Wine Ewer

Hallmarked In 1851

Hallmarked in London in 1851 by Joseph Angell, this stylish, Victorian, Antique Sterling Silver Wine Ewer, features shaped sides with engraved detailing, a scroll handle, and a gilt interior. The wine ewer measures 10.25"(26cm) tall, by 5"(13cm) from handle to spout and weighs 20.3 troy ounces.



L3795: Sterling Silver Bell

Hallmarked In 1822

Hallmarked in London in 1822 by Joseph Angell, this stylish, George IV, Antique Sterling Silver Bell, is plain in style, featuring reed borders, and an acorn finial to the handle. The bell measures 4.75"(12cm) tall, by 2.5"(6cm) in diameter and weighs 5.75 troy ounces.


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b8162: Sterling Silver Ink Stand

Hallmarked In 1823

Hallmarked in London in 1823 by Joseph Angell, this striking, George IV, Antique Sterling Silver Ink Stand, features ornate shell and gadroon borders, shell detailed feet, two glass ink wells with silver mounts, and a removable taperstick. The inkstand measures 6.5"(16.5cm) tall, by 11.5"(29cm) wide, by 8.5"(22cm) deep and has a silver weighs of 40 troy ounces (1.25kg). The extinguisher of the taper stick is unmarked, and could be a later replacement.


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