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The following items were produced by the silversmith A And J Zimmerman. If you are particularly interested in collecting sterling silver or silverplated pieces by A And J Zimmerman but you can't find a suitable item in the list below, just contact us and we'll check to see whether we have some items in store which aren't already on our website.


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B9334: Sterling Silver Snuff Box

Hallmarked In 1906

Hallmarked in London, 1906 by A. & J. Zimmerman, this neat Edwardian Antique, Sterling Silver Snuff Box is of plain circular form and has a gilt inside. This squeeze box is simply pinched, to open. It is 4"(10cm) in diameter, 1.5"(3.5cm) high with a weight of 2.7 troy ounces.


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b8202: Sterling Silver Mug

Hallmarked In 1936

Hallmarked in Birmingham, 1936 by A. & J. Zimmerman, this smart Sterling Silver Mug has a plain straight sided body with a band of bellied reed decoration and a stepped pedestal base. There is a touch of textured bead work on the handle. This mug is 4"(10cm) tall and 4.5"(11cm) handle to rim and weighs 7.5 troy ounces.



b9849: Sterling Silver Cigar Box

Hallmarked In 1905

Hallmarked in Birmingham, in 1905, by A. & J. Zimmerman, this handsome, Edwardian, Antique, Sterling Silver Cigar Box, is plain in style, featuring a domed lid and cedar wood lined interior. The cigar box measures 3.5”(9cm) tall, by 7”(18cm) wide, by 4”(10cm) deep.



L0731: Sterling Silver Shaving Mug

Hallmarked In 1901

Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1901 by A. & J. Zimmerman, this stylish, Antique, Edwardian, Sterling Silver Shaving Mug is a bathroom essential for the discerning gentleman. Elegant and simple with a badger hair brush and loop handle, the soap holder has holes for drainage and a spout for resting the brush in use. The shaving mug measures 7"(17.5cm) handle to spout, by 4.25"(11cm) tall, by 3.5"(9cm) wide and weighs 14.4 troy ounces.


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