Silver lemonade jugs have been made in England since around the middle of the Victorian period, seemingly just after R. White’s Lemonade started being sold in 1845, although it seems unlikely that there is a connection. A lemonade jug should be of large capacity, and have a removable ice container to keep whatever drink is being served cold (they work well for cocktails as well as lemonade). Victorian and Edwardian examples are most sought after.


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b5349: Sterling Silver Lemonade Jug

Hallmarked In 1893

Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1893 by John Grinsell & Sons, this very stylish, Victorian, Antique Sterling Silver Lemonade Jug, features panelled glass, a removable ice holder, and a plain silver mount and handle with an engraved crest to the lid. The lemonade jug measures 10.25"(26cm) tall, by 7.5"(19cm) from handle to spout, by 6.75"(17cm) deep. The crest and motto are that of the Sykes family.


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