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First produced in sterling silver towards the end of the 17th Century, knife rests have actually been used on the table since the time of Henry VIII, when knives were rested on blocks of wood. The knife rest was originally designed to place the carving knife and fork on, and so a pair would sit at the head of the table in front the master of the house, however later practices would sit one knife rest next to each guest to rest the dinner knife on. Today, novelty and early examples are collectible and highly sought after.


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L4114: Sterling Silver Pair Of Novelty Knife Rests

Hallmarked In 1900

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1900 by Roberts & Belk, this Victorian, Antique Sterling Silver Pair of Novelty Knife Rests, are modelled to look like molecules. Each knife rest measures 2"(5cm) tall, by 2"(5cm) wide, by 2"(5cm) deep, and the pair together weigh 3.4 troy ounces.


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