With its origins likely during the Bronze Age, from an area around what would now be Tibet, the gong only became popular in Europe towards the end of the 18th Century when first recorded in Western Orchestral music by Gossec in his ‘Funeral March for Mirabeau’ from 1791. During the Victorian period, the aristocracy developed a taste for the exotic, and it was at the time that this ancient musical instrument became more commonplace in the home.


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L2081: Sterling Silver Gong

Hallmarked In 1909

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1909 by Fenton Brothers Ltd., this stylish and rare, Edwardian, Antique, Sterling Silver Gong, stands on a scroll detailed frame and has a beater with chamois leather cover. The gong measures 10"(26cm) tall, by 8.5"(22cm) wide, by 5.25”(14cm) deep, and weighs 26 troy ounces.


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