Fish sets started being produced during the 19th Century, and rose to prominence during the Victorian period with the increase in wealth in the country and the resulting demand for extravagant silverware. In the 18th Century two forks were used for the eating of fish, a tradition that lasted into the 19th Century when the silver bladed fish knife started to be favoured for its more refined look. Fish sets have been produced with silver, bone, ivory and mother of pearl handles, and in a huge variety of designs since then, and are extremely popular pieces for the table today.


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L4640: Silver Plate Fish Set

Made Circa 1880

Made circa 1880 by Lee & Wigfull, this attractive set of 6, Antique Silver Plate Fish Knives and Forks, are in the Aesthetic taste, with Japanese style decoration to the blades, tines and handles. The box measures 2.25"(5.5cm) tall, by 13.5"(34cm) wide, by 10.5"(27cm) deep, with each knife measureing 8.75"(22cm), and each fork measuring 7.5"(19cm) in length.


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L2997: Sterling Silver Albany Pattern Fish Set

Hallmarked In 1889

Hallmarked in London in 1889 by Aldwinckle & Slater, this very handsome, Victorian Antique Sterling Silver Fish Set, is presented in the original box and comprises 12 pairs of fish knives and forks in 'Albany' Pattern. Each knife measures 8.5"(21cm) in length, and each fork measures 7.5"(19cm) in length.



L0855: Sterling Silver Dessert & Fish Set

Hallmarked In 1910

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1910 by John & William Deakin, this striking, Edwardian, Antique Sterling Silver Dessert & Fish Set, has twelve place settings of both and additional serving pieces. The dessert set has mother of pearl handles, while the fish set has bone handles, both featuring engraved decoration to the blades and tines. The dessert forks measure 6"(15cm) long and the dessert knives measure 7"(18cm) long. The fish forks measure 7"(18cm) long and the fish knives measure 8.25"(21cm) long. The set is presented in the original blue velvet lined, fold down box which has a presentation inscription to the cartouche. The inscription reads "Presented to J. Morris Esq MVO - By the Members of the Joint Conference Of Officers - of the London and North Western, & Great Western Railway Companies - On his retirement from the position of Superintendent Of The Line on the Great Western Railway - December 1910."



L5159: Sterling Silver 'Kings Husk' Fish Set

Hallmarked In 1897

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1897 by George Howson, this Victorian, Antique Sterling Silver Fish Set, is in the King Husk pattern. Each fish knife measures 8.75"(22cm), and each fish fork measures 7.75"(20cm) in length. Each piece is engraved with a crest and motto, and the lid is engraved with a monogram to the brass plaque.



L5108: Sterling Silver & Mother Of Pearl Fish Set

Hallmarked In 1935

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1935 by Viner's Ltd., this stylish, Mother of Pearl & Sterling Silver Fish Set, comprises 12 pairs of fish knives and forks, all in the Art Deco taste, and presented in a handsome original box. The box measures 2.5"(6cm) tall, by 14"(35.5cm) wide, by 9.25"(25cm) deep, each knife measures 8.5"(21.5cm) in length, and each fork measures 7"(18cm) in length.



L0287: Sterling Silver Fish Set

Hallmarked In 1904

Hallmarked in London in 1904 by William Hutton, this handsome, Antique Sterling Silver Fish Set, is in 'Old English, Thread & Shell' pattern, and is presented in its original box. Each fish knife measures 9"(23cm) in length, each fork measures 7.75"(19.5cm) in length, and the box measures 2.75"(7cm) tall, by 13.5"(34cm) wide, by 10.75"(27.5cm) deep. The fish set weighs 28.1 troy ounces.



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