Originating around 1760 in Britain, the silver cream pail, or piggin, was designed to resemble the traditional milking pail, bucket shaped and often with a swing handle for ease of carrying. During the 1770’s and 1780’s decorative designs were created, with pierced sides in the Rococo or Neoclassical taste, and it was at this time that the traditional blue glass liner was added. They continued to be manufactured until around 1820, when they became less popular and the use of a milk jug was favoured, although 20th Century reproductions can also be found.


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L1115: Sterling Silver Cream Pail

Hallmarked In 1775

Hallmarked in London in 1775 by Thomas Shepherd, this delightful, George III, Antique Sterling Silver Cream Pail, features a swing handle, a gadroon border around the rim, a blue glass liner, and floral pierced decoration to the body. The cream pail measures 4"(10cm) tall with the handle up, by 3"(7.5cm) in diameter, having a silver weight of 1.8 troy ounces.


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