During the second half on the 19th Century, a silver clock for the desk or mantelpiece became a very popular household item in Britain, however silver clocks have actually been made in the UK since the reign of Charles I when the Clockmakers Company was established. During the 20th Century enamelled Art Deco, and stylish Arts & Crafts designs were produced, and are very sought after. Pocket watch holders were also very popular in the late Victorian period, allowing the pocket watch to be used as both a fashionable accessory and as a household item.


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L5419: Sterling Silver Pocket Watch Ink Stand

Hallmarked In 1912

Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1912 by John Grinsell & Sons, this handsome, Edwardian, Antique Glass & Sterling Silver Ink Well, has a pocket watch in the lid, and a shaped glass body. The ink stand measures 3"(7.5cm) tall, by 3.25"(8cm) wide, by 3.25"(8cm) deep.


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j7222: Sterling Silver Pocket Watch Holder

Hallmarked In 1898

Hallmarked in London in 1898 by William Comyns, this simple, Victorian, Antique Sterling Silver Pocket Watch Holder, is plain in style, featuring a leather back, and a push button to open the case and remove the pocket watch. It is sold with a pocket watch which has been serviced. The pocket watch holder measures 7.5"(19cm) tall, by 6"(15cm) wide, by 2.5"(6.5cm) deep.


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