A silver chalice was designed as a footed vessel for holding liquid, and was typically used during religious ceremonies, unlike a silver goblet, which was meant to be used on a daily basis. The oldest known piece of English sterling silver which carries a date letter is thought to be the chalice and paten from the church of St. Mary the Virgin in Somerset, which is currently housed in the Victoria & Albert Museum.


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b1579: Sterling Silver Chalice

Hallmarked In 1705

Hallmarked in London in 1705 by William Gamble, this outstanding, Queen Anne period, Antique Sterling Silver Chalice, is plain in style, standing on a pedestal foot detailed with reed borders. The chalice measures 7.5"(19cm) tall, by 3.75"(9.5cm) in diameter, and weighs 7.9 troy ounces.


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