The game of Bridge as we know it was first introduced to the UK during the 1880’s, the earliest known reference to the rules being from 1886, although the origin of Bridge began much earlier in the 16th Century game of Whist. Silver Bridge Boxes produced towards the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th Centuries would have been seen as luxury accessories, and undoubtedly only owned by some of the more affluent, and, presumably, better players of the game. Examples by designer silversmiths during the 20th Century are highly sought after.


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b6773: Sterling Silver Bridge Box

Hallmarked In 1928

Hallmarked in Birmingham, in 1928, by Deakin & Francis, this handsome, Sterling Silver Bridge Box, is quite plain in style and features a wooden lining divided in the centre to allow for storage of two packs of cards. The bridge box measures 2"(5cm) tall, by 6"(15.5cm) wide, by 4.25"(11cm) deep and is engraved to the top left corner with the word "Bridge".


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L3106: Sterling Silver Bridge Box

Hallmarked In 1970

Hallmarked in London, in 1970 by Gerald Benney, this fine quality, Elizabeth II, Sterling Silver Bridge Box, is typical of his style, featuring a textured bark effect finish, and a leather lined interior with space for two sets of cards. The bridge box measures 1.75"(4.5cm) tall, by 6"(15cm) wide, by 4"(10cm) deep and and weighs 22.3 troy ounces.



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