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L1409: Sterling Silver Cruet Set

Hallmarked In 1883

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1883 by Martin & Hall, this magnificent Antique, Victorian, Sterling Silver Cruet Set has a bead edged frame which stands on four claw feet. The bottles all have rib cut glass and silver mounts. The four small bottles have prism cut glass stoppers and stand 6"(15cm) tall to the stopper top. One of the small bottles has a spoon for cayenne pepper. The two oil bottles have floral motif thumb pieces and floral chased work around the necks and measure 8"(20cm) tall. The two shaker bottles have decorative pierce work and silver finials and also stand 8"(20cm) tall. The frame has a diameter of 8"(20cm) and a height of 11"(28cm) to the handle top.



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