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L5155: Sterling Silver Dove Sculpture

Hallmarked In 1999

This interesting sculptural representation of a dove carries hallmarks for London in 1999, and the makers mark for the Morris Singer Foundry. The dove is number 2 of a limited edition of 25 manufactured in Sterling Silver, designed by Mina Sunar, and signed Mina, and MSF on the tail. The sculpture measures 4.5"(11.5cm) tall, by 9.5"(24cm) beak to tail, by 4.75"(12cm) deep. The silver weighs 86.1 troy ounces.



L4978: Sterling Silver Pair Of Sculptures

Hallmarked In 1993

A unique sculptural piece, conceived by Robert Marsden for Garrard & Co, Ltd. The piece, entitled ‘An Unlike Pair of Silver Cups’ carries hallmarks for London in 1993 by Garrard & Co. Ltd., along with the special commemorative 150 mark, used on all pieces commissioned by them for their 150th anniversary of being the Royal Crown Jewellers (1843-1993). Each cup measures 7.5"(19cm) tall, by 5"(12.5cm) wide and deep, and the pair weigh 46.4 troy ounces. Originally the pair would have stood on a patinated copper base, which has not been present since at least 2014 when they were sold at Christies. Two other unique pairs of cups were designed by Robert Marsden at the same time. One pair are in the primary collection of the Crafts Council - item number M54 The other pair are in the Shipley Art Gallery collection - item number 4420 .



L5680: Sterling Silver Polo Horse And Player Model

Hallmarked In 1908

Hallmarked in London in 1908 by Mappin & Webb, this exquisite, Antique Sterling Silver Model of a Polo Horse and Player, is wonderfully detailed. The model measures 7.5"(19cm) tall, by 7"(18cm) wide, by 3"(7.5cm) deep. The wooden plinth measures 1.25"(3cm) tall, by 8.5"(21.5cm) wide, by 4.25"(11cm) deep. 1908 was the year in which Britain first hosted the Olympic Games, and the second time in which Polo was contested at the games. It seems likely that this model was commissioned to celebrate that event, which was won by the British team from Roehampton. (only 3 teams competed, all representing the British Olympic Association).



L4649: Sterling Silver Pair Of Figural Sculptures

Hallmarked In 1911

Carrying import marks for London in 1911 by Berthöld Muller, and also carrying the original German silver marks, this wonderful pair of Antique Sterling Silver Models, are representations of King Arthur, and Bianca Maria Sforza, Queen of Germany and Empress of the Holy Roman Emperor. These larger than normal silver models are reproductions of 2 of the 28 life size bronze sculptures which surround the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I in Innsbruck. Each model measures 14.5"(37cm) tall, 5.25"(13.5cm) wide and deep, and the pair together weigh 80 troy ounces. The models are registered and carry the ivory exemption certificate number Q8PUNKM8.


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