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L5223: Sterling Silver Sandwich Tray

Hallmarked In 1927

Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1927 by J. B. Chatterley & Sons Ltd., this handsome Sterling Silver Sandwich Tray, is plain in design. The sandwich tray measures 0.5"(1.25cm) tall, by 16"(40.5cm) wide, by 5"(13cm) deep and weighs 16 troy ounces.


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L4852: Sterling Silver Art Deco Sandwich Tray

Hallmarked In 1926

Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1926 by Charles S. Green & Co., this handsome, Sterling Silver Sandwich Tray, is in the Art Deco taste, and was originally retailed by James Carr of Aberdeen. The sandwich tray measures 1.25"(3cm) tall, by 20.5"(52cm) over the handles, by 7.5"(19cm) deep and weighs 31.2 troy ounces.


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