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b9411: Sterling Silver Chanukiah

Hallmarked In 1955

Hallmarked in London, 1955 by Aaron Tietlebaum, this Sterling Silver Menorah or Chanukia has a plain taper column and square base which is three stepped and decorated with rosettes, a flower swag and beading. This menorah has a removable shamus. The chanukia stands 11"(28cm) high with a width of 9"(23cm). The weight of the menorah is 12 troy ounces.



L1733: Sterling Silver Menorah

Hallmarked In 1931

Hallmarked in Birmingham in 1931 by Britton, Gould & Co. This classic, George V, Sterling Silver Menorah, or Chanukiah, stands on a stepped square base with a bead border, the tapered column terminating with a Star of David finial. The menorah measures 10.75"(27cm) tall, by 9"(23cm) wide. It is unfilled and weighs 10.3 troy ounces.


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L0175: Sterling Silver Chanukiah

Hallmarked In 1921

Hallmarked in London, 1921 by Joseph Zweig, this eye-catching Sterling Silver Chanukia is beautifully detailed, with scroll branches, fluted column and floral chase work at the base. This Chanukia is 17"(43cm) high, with a branch span of 16"(41cm) and a base diameter of 5.5"(14cm). It has a weight of 34.2 troy ounces.


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