We are pleased to offer a fine range of antique sterling silver Snuffer Tray. All of our antique silver Snuffer Tray can be purchased online, or from our shop in the London Silver Vaults. You can click on the image of one of the Snuffer Tray to see a larger picture.


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L2591: Sterling Silver Snuffer Tray

Hallmarked In 1903

Hallmarked in London, 1903 by D. & J. Wellby, this fine Antique, Edwardian, Sterling Silver Snuffer Tray would also make a very elegant pen tray for a desk. It features pierced leaf decoration, a bead border and an engraved crest. It measures 10"(26cm) long, 4"(10cm) wide and weighs 4.5 troy ounces.



L1977: Sterling Silver Snuffer Tray

Hallmarked In 1814

Hallmarked in London in 1814, this fine Antique, George IIISterling Silver Snuffer Tray has a shell and gadroon border with floral terminals. The tray is 10" x 5" (25cm x 12cm) and weighs 9.1 troy ounces. It would make an excellent pen tray.


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L2561a: Sterling Silver Snuffer Tray

Hallmarked In 1764

Hallmarked in London, 1764 by William Cafe, this fine and sturdy, George III, Antique, Sterling Silver Snuffer Tray, or pen tray, has a footed base, gadroon borders and an engraved coat of arms. The snuffer tray measures 7.25" (19cm) long, 3.5"(9cm) wide and weighs 10.9 troy ounces.


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