Hors-d'œuvre in French translates to "outside the work”, which can be taken to mean food presented to diners that is not part of the normal set of courses found in a meal. The silver hors-d'œuvre dish most likely then came to England from France, with most examples from the late Victorian period or 20th Century. They make a great way to serve olives, nuts and other nibbles….


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L4429: Sterling Silver Hors D'oeuvre Dish

Hallmarked In 1910

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1910 by Mappin & Webb, this very stylish, Edwardian, Antique Sterling Silver Hors D'oeuvre Dish, features 7 glass dishes and reed borders to the silver frame. The hors d'oeuvre dish measures 7"(18cm) tall, by 12.5"(32cm) wide, by 11.5"(29cm) deep and weighs 17.01 troy ounces.


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