The name ‘egg coddler’ is, perhaps, a misnomer. The design is loosely based on a ‘pipkin’, a ceramic container with a lid dating from the 19th Century which was used to prepare the dish ‘coddled eggs’. A more accurate name would be an egg steamer in our opinion, as the eggs are cooked inside due to the heat and pressure of the build up of steam produced by a small amount of boiling water. Whatever the name is, they do work very well!


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L4495: Sterling Silver Egg Coddler

Hallmarked In 1904

Hallmarked in Sheffield in 1904 by William Hutton & Sons, this handsome, Edwardian, Antique Sterling Silver Egg Coddler, features fluted detail, a wooden finial, a double sided burner for soft and hard boiled eggs, and an internal holder for four eggs. The egg coddler measures 8"(20.5cm) tall by 5"(13cm) wide and deep, and weighs 19.4 troy ounces.


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